Been told you need an oral extraction? 5 reasons why this may be the best option for you

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Everyone has a vague memory of when they lost their baby teeth; it was a fun time when you had a gap in your mouth to show off to your friends while also eagerly awaiting payment from the tooth fairy. What could be disliked about that?

But, for many adults, the prospect of having a gap in their mouth, even a temporary one (this will be touched on more later) fills them with dread. While having teeth extracted is far from the worst thing in the world, many adults are less than eager to have such a procedure performed and often avoid dental check-ups due to the worry. Which, unfortunately, can make the issue far worse!

While all dental practitioners will try to restore a tooth with either a crown, root canal or filling, there are some instances where having a dental extraction is the best option for your overall dental health. In this article, these will be explored, along with the earlier mention of a temporary gap!


This was hinted at earlier; many people avoid visiting their dentist in Liverpool for fear that the toothache they are having will lead to an extraction. And, while most teeth can be salvaged, if your dentist near Liverpool determines that your tooth is too damaged by decay and this decay has reached the pulp, it may be worth extracting the tooth. While root-canals can be used in such cases, with a crown on top to secure them, a severely infected and eroded tooth is best to be rid of and can improve your dental health.

Gum disease

OK, so the need for dental extractions as a result of gum disease can sound scary, but it can be a way to salvage the health of your mouth. As your dentist from Liverpool will tell you, severe gum disease can often cause teeth to become loose and, while dental professionals will try to prevent this option, extraction can be the best thing for treating the underlying disease.


An impacted tooth is nothing short of a pain! Usually caused by wisdom teeth this occurs when there is insufficient room in the mouth for the tooth to erupt properly, resulting in discomfort and infection. A dental team will often choose to remove impacted wisdom teeth, as recurrent infections caused by them can damage the roots of the surrounding teeth. So, it’s best to have them removed!


dental braces

A common reason for dental extraction in relation to adult or even teenaged teeth is to help make space before beginning orthodontic treatment. If your orthodontist determines that you have severe overcrowding, you will need to have a tooth (or teeth) removed. The gaps from this will be temporary and once the brace is removed, you will forget that you ever had them!


Sadly, road traffic accidents are common and, at best, can result in permanent impact damage to the adult set of teeth. Full extraction may be needed if the tooth or teeth are unsalvageable.

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