How does life change with Invisalign?


Invisalign in Weybridge is one of the most popular ways to resolve the issue of misaligned teeth. The treatment is a convenient and very effective means of getting the best possible smile. However, many people will wonder about how their life might change during and after treatment. This guide explores what it involves and what the patient can expect from the experience of wearing clear braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the trade name of one of the most popular brands of invisible braces. These braces take the form of clear trays made from super soft plastic. The trays, known as aligners, are placed over the teeth to form an invisible barrier across the teeth. The patient has their own tailor-made aligners which match their teeth exactly. These are changed every few weeks, and gradually nudge the teeth into a more desirable position.

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Developing self-discipline

Having the teeth straightened using clear braces does involve developing one’s self-discipline. The braces offer the great advantage of being removable. This is ideal for the patient who wants to continue to enjoy contact sports or playing a wind instrument. The fact that the aligners can be taken out for eating is also excellent because it means that there is no restriction on the kinds of foods that the patient can enjoy.

However, because there is the option of removing the braces it can be tempting to keep them out for longer than is advisable. This is a particular issue for those who enjoy frequent snacks. Aligners should be worn for 22 out of every 24 hours, so the reality of that is that they should be removed for mealtimes only. If the patient is taking them out throughout the day for the purposes of snacking, then they are not going to get the best possible results at the end of treatment.

If a patient is motivated by a desire to get great results from Invisalign, then they may find that their life changes from the perspective that they develop much greater discipline when it comes to snacking between meals. This can help them to get the smile they deserve and maybe even lose a little weight at the same time, which can both be very positive life changes.

Growing in confidence

When it comes to self-confidence, the benefits of clear aligners are twofold. Firstly, they are invisible to others during treatment. This means that the patient does not have to worry about feeling self-conscious while having their teeth straightened. In addition, there is no need to explain to anyone about having treatment. In essence, socialising and working can continue as normal.

Secondly, at the end of treatment the patient can expect a significant surge in self-confidence. For possibly the first time, they feel happy about their smile. This often means that they smile more frequently and project a much more positive image as a result. This can allow the patient greater success when it comes to excelling in their career, making new friends and even finding love.

Getting the smile improved with Invisalign can be life-changing, and it can be done at any age with minimal disruption to the daily routine.

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