Does At Home Straightening Work As Well As In Practice

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As technology advances so does the evolution of how we straighten our teeth, there’s no longer a need to straighten in the dentist chair with more and more orthodontic journeys being completed online through online services. But, do these systems work the same as those done by a dentist and are you able to get the same results? Let’s take a look.

What Systems Can Be Used At Home?

For the most part you’re going to be looking at Invisalign or another clear brace system to get straight teeth at home London. These systems work by moulds or 3D images of your teeth being taken which you will need to visit a practice to have done. Then through the amazing technology of the Invisalign Clincheck you’ll be able to view your teeths movements through the process. You’ll be able to see your new smile at the end of treatment and be able to start the process with the knowledge of how long it will take and how much your journey will cost.

When working with a practice or company that offers straight teeth at home you’ll likely be asked to download a special app which allows for you and the dentist to track and monitor your progress without the need to return to the practice regularly. Through the app you’ll be able to talk with a dentist and receive any support you need. If you are worried or your dentist feels they need to see you, you will be able to get an in person appointment for a check up no problem.

Do They Work As Well?

Fundentely whether you are straightening your teeth at home or if you’re straightening through an in person system you are still using the same excellent equipment that is Invisalign. The product is the same and you will be receiving exactly the same care and attention just from the comfort of your own home.

What Invisalign Can Do

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What’s important to think about before entering this process is what your expectations are and what issues you are wanting to tackle when it comes to your teeth. If you’re just looking to turn a single twist, or straighten an overlap or two then this will likely work for you really easily. The more complex the orthodontic treatment needed then the more you need to ask yourself if this is right for you and you should be exploring all the orthodontic options available to you. That’s not to say that Invisalign or at home straightening can’t work for you because it probably can but you should look at all the options available such as metal braces, lingual and ceramics just in case these could be quicker or more affordable.

Benefits Of At Home

The only major benefit of straightening at home compared to through a practice is of course convenience, if you’re someone who’s running a super busy life but really wants to get their smile slightly adjusted then this could be an excellent option for you. Equally if you’re looking for a child in education it’s a great option as there’s no need to take them out of school for appointments.

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