Facebook and Instagram: harnessing social media for dentists

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Employing social media for dentists provides an excellent opportunity for dentists to show the public that the dental practice is no longer an intimidating place to visit. Social media for dentists is an excellent way of encouraging the public to address their dental needs on an informal basis, which was not possible in previous generations. Patients are able to watch you, read about you, listen to you and engage in chats and discussions with you or certain members of your team to find out more about their dental needs. In previous generations this could only be done if they visited the dental practice in person. Social media has become one of the most popular ways of communicating with one another and social media for dentists has proven a great success. Many dental practices now have social media profiles, therefore, it is important that you also engage in social media to help stay in keeping with current trends.

To get some ideas you may wish to visit the social media profiles of some top dental practices in the country, compare them to the dental practices within your geographical vicinity and then compare them to the dental surgeries in your area which you know are quieter or not performing as well. This will give you a good idea of what your social media accounts need to entail and what you should avoid. Speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team to find out more about social media for your dental practice. Different social media platforms attract different demographics of the public. They command different types of content too and receive follower engagement in different ways.

Facebook Instagram or both?

An experienced digital marketing team will be able to advise which social media platforms are most suitable for your dental practice. Whether you delegate your social media marketing campaign to the specialists or have the time to to participate in social media marketing yourself, you will require a Facebook or an Instagram account. These are the most popular social media platforms across the world. Facebook has approximately 2.5 billion users, whilst Instagram has approximately a billion users. The opportunities are endless. You may wish to have both to attract a wider audience. Facebook and Instagram are different to each other in terms of marketing techniques and strategies. Instagram is more about sharing photos and videos, whilst Facebook is described as being multifaceted with lots of features and, therefore, may require more time and attention. Facebook is largely informational and focuses on text and written content, whilst Instagram focuses on sharing photos and short videos. These could be of you, your dental practice, common treatments and procedures being carried out at the practice and success stories to engage with potential patients. They are both necessary for building your brand and creating an online presence, so speak to your digital marketing team and find out about creating content for either Facebook, Instagram or both. With powerful social media marketing you will be able to boost the success of your dental practice by engaging with followers, building relationships, and through constant communication, encouraging patients to visit you in person with little delay.

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