How long does it take for a dental implant to settle?

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If a patient chooses to have dental implants Harley Street fitted with a reputable practitioner they will be in excellent and skilled hands. Patients who have missing teeth can benefit from this dental treatment at their local dental clinic. This procedure, carried out by a cosmetic dentist, can ensure that their new smile is strong and healthy looking. Dentists use tried and tested methods to fit their patients with implants. They are fitted using a number of gradual steps, this encourages them to settle quickly and efficiently in the jawbone before a crown, bridge or denture is fitted on top of them. Once X-rays and an initial consultation have been completed then the simple surgery is carried out. Whilst the implants settle into their new position a dentist will carry out regular check-ups to ensure that the implants are healing in the correct manner. This article will run through how these implants are fitted and what patients should expect from the end results.

Do gums grow around the implants?

Once the initial oral implant fitting stage has been carried out, then there is a bracket of time left for the gums to grow around the inserted screw. As previously mentioned, a dentist will carry out regular check-ups to ensure that this is happening in the way that it should be. Once the gums and site of the implant have healed to a suitable level then the next step of the process is carried out. A denture, crown or bridge is fitted that closely matches the other teeth in the mouth, so a seamless finish can be achieved. Patients should be assured that they are in the best hands and should be treated with the highest quality service to ensure that their new smile is functional and practical. If patients have any questions about this process then they should consider getting in touch with their practice so they can put their minds at ease. Patients should read on to the next section to read about how their smile will look should they decide to go through with this treatment.

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Do the new teeth look natural?

If patients choose to have this dental treatment completed by their dentist, then they can benefit from a new and natural looking smile. Dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds meaning that the new set of teeth can look, act and feel like the original teeth they have lost. There are a number of benefits that come from this natural looking method of replacing missing teeth. Restoring a person’s smile to look natural and healthy can allow them to regain some confidence and not shy away when laughing or speaking. If this treatment sounds like something that a patient and their smile could benefit from then they should consider having a look at more information to read about their chosen treatment in more detail. Many patients have had this treatment carried out and have been impressed by the results that have been achieved, and would not hesitate to recommend this procedure to others..

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