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Whether the practice is a fair one or not, the fact of the matter is that we use the appearance of others to drive what we think about them and how we behave towards them. If we like what we see, i.e. the person is deemed physically attractive, we are predisposed to act more favourably towards them and vice versa. Even we, ourselves, cannot escape from this bias. We are more accepting of ourselves if we approve of what we see in the mirror. The magical effect of one’s physical appearance (if found attractive) on self-esteem has been well documented which is why many have invested in aesthetic treatments including Invisalign St John’s Wood to not only look better, but feel better about themselves. A recent YouGov survey on looks and personality shows that 42 per cent or two out five adults in the UK admit to feeling unconfident about their appearance. Concerns range from being dissatisfied about weight to age and looks.

Why this need to look good?

No matter how we may feel about it, research tends to concur that good looking people are treated more favourably than those with a less than pleasing appearance. In one study, 89 per cent of Britons were of the opinion that physical appearance matters. There is also the argument that physical appearance may even influence personality.

In judging a person’s looks, we make certain inferences about them. These assumptions include whether we think a person is kind, intelligent, capable, empathetic, approachable, or trustworthy – all from just how they look.

Those who are considered more physically attractive are better able to inspire positive first impressions. This ability acts in their favour when it comes to making friends, being hired for a job, winning an election and even receiving a relatively lighter sentence in the courtroom.

As they are seen to be more intelligent and confident with strong leadership potential, good looking people are afforded more opportunities to earn more money

Some even suggest that good looks are also linked to good health. Physically attractive people, for instance, are more likely to show off healthy skin or disarm with a warm and bright smile.

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Physical attractiveness, dental appearance in particular, can also reveal the condition of one’s general health. A beautiful smile requires teeth to be strong, straight and bright, and gums healthy. A person with a dazzling smile is more likely to protect the look of that smile by being proactive about their oral care.

Good oral health is a prerequisite that supports overall physical health and psychosocial wellbeing. This makes it even more important to look after dental hygiene by following all dentist-recommended guidelines for a healthy mouth.

Human beings are biologically hardwired to respond to visual beauty. Even babies lean towards this proclivity for the aesthetic. Whether it is for personal outcomes or societal, it can no longer be argued that first impressions play a critical role. Seen in this light it can then be understood why so many purposefully choose treatments and procedures that allow them to put their best face forward.

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