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The way dental care is delivered is expected to keep pace with the era that we are in and the focus must be on the patient. Patients’ day to day demands on their lives require dentists to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums.That is easy to say though far less easy to achieve but the best way to understand patients’ needs is to listen to their comments, concerns and desires. As a progressive dentist Meath creating an environment that meets the needs of twenty-first century patients posed a challenge which has led to a vast improvement in the way dentistry is being delivered here.

Remove the anxiety and improve the patient experience

The hospitality industry has, for years, used the term “improve the customer experience.” The dental industry has its own version of this concept and this dentist has certainly embraced the concept of improving the patient experience. Training staff so that all members have the same aim and ambition for their patients is an excellent start, but what next. Introducing an environment that induces calm and tranquillity, even better but what else. How about dental chairs that massage a patient during treatment? As we are in the twenty-first century introducing free Wi-Fi so that patients can enjoy games or communicate on their devices. Patients tilted in the dentist’s chair can now watch their favourite program, be it, a movie, a soap or even sport on a television monitor fixed to the ceiling. Who said having dental treatment had to be stressful and boring? Here you are made to feel at home, not like you are at the dentist.

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Fitting in with surgery opening times

There is no need to fit in with the surgery times at this dentist in Meath. The patient focus extends to the surgery being open Monday to Saturday and until seven from Monday to Thursday. If you have an emergency just phone the emergency number and you can take comfort that someone will take care of you.

Parking is no problem here

Parking is very close to the surgery making it easily accessible. In addition there is disabled parking and a lift to make access even easier.

Full range of dental treatments.

Providing a full range of dental services from fillings and tooth extraction to dental implants, crowns, dentures, root canal treatment and much, much more. Cosmetic dentistry from teeth whitening to using the latest equipment and techniques to correct any misaligned dental conditions is provided. If a missing tooth needs replacing, the latest dental implant technology will correct that problem.

That little extra

This forward thinking dentist in Meath even provides aesthetic treatments for those who feel the need to correct the effects of ageing. This service is provided in our safe and sterile treatment rooms. If it’s a non-surgical wrinkle smoothing treatment that you would like to experience, this is available to you at the surgery. Dentistry in the twenty-first century has arrived here in Meath. Time to experience dentistry focused on the patient.

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