Practical Tips to Keep Your Breath Fresh

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For some people, your teeth are a great indicator of how you take care of yourself. If you want to land a great first impression, you’d better have that confidence to flash your pearly whites. But what if you have misaligned or crooked teeth? That could ruin your look and make you feel insecure. But the great thing is that you can use clear dental aligners to help straighten them out. With these, people would not be able to notice that you are wearing some sort of contraption.

If you have ever worked for a human resources department, you may have some experience in interviewing or screening job applicants. This is a job that requires you to face different kinds of people and sort those who are possible candidates who will be asked to move on to the next stage of the process. You will meet some great and smart people, but you have to admit that you will encounter some deal-breakers at one point. It could be the way they dress or talk, or it could be how their breath smells. If you had the chance to be open to those who have unpleasant breath, what would you tell them? 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Food of all shapes and sizes goes into your mouth multiple times a day. It gets ground up by your teeth before being scooped further to reach your esophagus and then later the stomach. Your chewing does not end up clean. In fact, when you are done eating, you still have bits and pieces that stick around in your oral cavity. Your saliva takes care of washing away some of the acids and other residues in there, but you also need to do your part by hydrating yourself. 

If you leave your mouth dry, bacteria can build up, and this can become the source of bad breath. When you hydrate, you help yourself flush out the nasty stuff in your mouth. This gets rid of most of the bacteria, which will lead to fresher and more tolerable breath.

Stomach Care


The stomach houses some strong acids that help turn the food that you eat into mush. This is how you absorb nutrients. But sometimes, a struggling tummy could be the source of bad breath. The stomach is also where you produce excess gas that leads to burping. That is good and all, but there are also times when there is a little acid secretion that goes with your belch. This is what can cause your breath to go bad.

Take care of your digestive system by eating on time and not skipping meals. You can also take antacids if you want to neutralize the acidity. It will help you feel better inside and out.

Do Not Neglect the Basics

Of course, when it comes to oral care, you will always be told to do the basic hygienic stuff. Brushing your teeth regularly is important, as this is the main way for you to clean your teeth. Your teeth do not really clean themselves, so outside your dentist, they only rely on you for the utmost care. Reaching the gaps can be difficult, which is why you have a roll of floss to help you out with that. Just stick a strand between those gaps, and you can take out that annoying thing lodged in there for a long time. 

Stay away from food and drinks that could discolor your teeth, such as coffee, soda, and anything sugary. If you want to keep things simple, carry a pack of sugar-free mints with you so that you will be ready for specific occasions. Do not forget these basic routines, as these could yield great results for your own oral health.

If you want to make a great impression, it is highly suggested for you to focus on your oral health. It could be a great deciding factor for whether you are getting the job.

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