Unintentional Accidents and Preventing Them from Happening

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The home is supposedly the safest place one can go to, yet many accidents happen at home. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, around 30,569 unintentional injury deaths happened annually from 2000 to 2008. Among these deaths, the highest cause is poisoning, followed by accidental falls.

Administering urgent care is necessary in case of accidents at home. However, prevention is always better than waiting for an accident to happen. To do proper prevention measures, we need to identify the possible causes of accidents and unintentional injuries at home.

Causes of Unintentional Injuries at Home

The home can be a dangerous place if different hazards are not identified. Some risks that can happen in your own home are trips and falls, poisoning, burns, and choking.


The World Health Organization identifies falls as the second leading cause of unintentional injury death around the world. At home, falls can happen because of the ladders, stairs, showers, and even chairs. Tips and falls happen because of irregular flooring, improper lighting, or poorly installed parts of the home. Loose tiles and hardwood floors can also cause injuries at home.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, poisoning is the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States. Most people think that poisoning is usually an issue that affects only children, but studies reveal that it also happens among adults.

To fully understand poisoning, it’s best to define poison first. Poison is any substance that can cause harm to an individual; it can enter the body through swallowing, inhalation, or skin absorption. Different substances have different toxicity. Some substances can be lethal even in small amounts, while others require a huge amount of consumption before becoming toxic.

According to data, children suffer from poisoning by accidentally ingesting household cleaning products and cosmetics at home. Aside from this, medication is also determined as a cause of poisoning at home.

Fire and Water

Homes are prone to fire accidents because of electrical outlets and sources of heat in the kitchen. Every year, fire accidents cause around 3,000 deaths. Fire is deadly because it can spread fast and engulf an entire property in just five minutes.

In addition, to fire, heat is lethal to a person. Heat can immediately affect a person’s breathing and damage the lungs. At the same time, the toxic fumes that come along with burning materials can be poisonous and dangerous when inhaled by an individual.

As deadly as fire is water. According to statistics, drowning is one of the major causes of death at home. Annually, 800 individuals die of drowning. Younger people, as well as older adults, are more at risk of drowning.

Preventing Injuries and Accidents at Home

Knowing what causes accidents at home is crucial in identifying preventative measures to keep the entire family safe. Here are some ideas on how to prevent accidents in the household:

Preventing trips and falls

To prevent trips and falls, it is best to have a home inspector look at the house. These inspectors can identify if the house meets the safety standards. They can also make recommendations to keep a home safer.

For an added precaution, adding bars and handles in the bathroom, especially in slippery areas like the shower and bathtub, can help. This can especially help the elderly from slipping and sustaining injuries.

In the case of children, they are naturally adventurous. Any item left on the floor can be a cause for tripping and falling for them. Hence, always supervising and keeping an eye on them is a good idea. Also, make sure that the room and the entire home are clean and safe.

For one, make sure that there are no loose items on the floor. Also, make it a habit to clean spills up immediately. Secure rugs by using nonskid pads or carpet tape to prevent people from slipping.

Preventing poisoning

To prevent poisoning at home, it’s best to put away all potentially toxic substances from the easy reach of children. These substances include insect repellent sprays, bleach, and detergents. For best practices, make sure to put a lock on it so children can never get their hands on it.

As mentioned earlier, medication is also a cause of poisoning in the household. To avoid medication poisoning or overdosing, it is best to consume medicines based on the doctor’s recommendations. Also, never combine medications with alcohol as it can be lethal.

Preventing fire and water accidents

Installing smoke alarms can prevent fire from developing fast; it can also alert people to do the necessary steps to keep them safe. To prevent drowning at home, fences around the backyard pool can be a great idea, especially for children. Supervision helps to prevent kids from being involved in lethal accidents.

Most accidents are unforeseen. But one can always take necessary measures to reduce the possibility of them occurring at home. Know what you can do to protect your loved ones.

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