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It is often thought that in order to get a new row of straight pearly white teeth and a gorgeous smile, that a whole mouth full of implants is needed, as well as months of waiting before the desired outcome is reached, but with same-day implants at Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond none of this is necessary. As the name suggests, dentists can have patients walking out post surgery with a comfortable smile they feel confident about.

 Fixing dentures into the mouth

A set of ill-fitting dentures can adversely affect one’s ability to speak or eat correctly leading to a serious lack of confidence and even special denture glue doesn’t always work. However, there have been advancements in dentistry that allow dentures to be fitted easily and comfortably to the jaw to provide an individual with extra confidence when speaking or eating, with the knowledge that their teeth will not fall out at an inopportune moment. Same-day teeth for dentures provides an all-on-4 approach, meaning that a full row of dentures need only be secured to 4 simple implants.

If patients have existing dentures, this denture stabilisation – as it is called – offers them a better quality of life; this treatment makes the dentures stay in place, whilst giving people the opportunity to smile with confidence and live their lives to the fullest.

How it works

In order to place an implant into the jawbone, minor surgery will have to be performed, this can happen at the dental practice out of the hospital, but in the case of nervous patients, it may be performed under general anaesthetic. Once implants are in place, dentures can be secured to them with a range of different fittings depending on what each patient needs, the patient can remove the dentures for cleaning as usual, but will still be able to clip them securely back into place with confidence on their own. For the first 6 months after the implants have been placed patients will need to allow the bone to heal and fuse to the titanium, and the initial denture or bridge may be temporary, but once the implants are secure a more permanent set of teeth will be fitted. Patients are never allowed to leave a surgery with a gap or missing teeth, otherwise their confidence and ease of lifestyle may be greatly affected by this.


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One’s facial structure changes as teeth begin to fall out, due to the fact that the bone has nothing left to grow on to, so the body begins to dissolve it, which makes the face shape change and become more aged. However when implants are inserted, the bone once again has something to grow to, and will no longer dissolve thus helping to restore face shape. Having permanently fixed teeth has helped to generate a rise in confidence in many individuals who previously were struggling with day to day living with loose dentures. Same-day implants are the newest developments in dental implant technology helping people get a new more secure smile faster.

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