The importance of a visit to your local clinic

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Many patients, especially those who experience anxiety within a dental environment, may postpone or even refrain from paying a visit to their local clinic. This may be due to finances, inconvenience, or the belief that they are partaking in an adequate hygiene routine at home. With this in mind therefore many patients may be putting their dental health at risk by not visiting their dentist, as a scheduled biannual appointment is in fact extremely vital in keeping your smile healthy!

How to stay on top of your dental health

Patients who have been properly educated about dental hygiene at a young age have a greater chance of taking care of their mouths in their later years, which is why many dental clinics now adopt preventive dentistry! Despite common misconception, taking care of your oral health not only requires an adequate home cleaning regime (such as brushing and flossing regularly), but also requires regular check-ups at your local clinic.

What to avoid

Many patients may be confused as to why they are suffering from extrinsic or intrinsic staining of the teeth as they are flossing and brushing rigorously twice daily, however their staining may be due to alternative factors! It is considered common knowledge within the field of dentistry that the consumption of highly sugary food and drink (such as fizzy drinks and sweets) causes decay of the teeth, however many patients may not be aware of the lifestyle choices that cause staining.

Are you taking care of your smile?

The consumption of highly pigmented food and drink (such as curry, red wine, and coffee for example) can unfortunately cause staining over time if consumed regularly, however lifestyle habits such as smoking can also cause concerns. Individuals who smoke regularly may experience staining due to the tar and nicotine within the cigarette, unfortunately this is unavoidable, which is why a trip to your local clinic could make a huge difference.


How can dental clinics help you?

During a dental check-up, which is suggested by dental healthcare professionals to be every six months as standard, (although certain patients may require further visits), patients can expect to receive standard treatments which can keep their mouth healthy. One example of which is a scale and polish, which uses a combination of dental tools and pastes to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. However there are also several cosmetic treatments available at many clinics which can help reduce the signs of yellowing!

Is tooth whitening right for you?

If you are an individual who is suffering from yellowing or general staining of the surface of the teeth then you may be considering tooth whitening at your local clinic. Whitening of the teeth is considered as cosmetic due to its aesthetically pleasing physical appearance, and has now become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures within modern dentistry!

How does it work?

Tooth whitening has risen dramatically in popularity within recent years and now comes in a wide array of forms! Although all brands may differ they all use hydrogen peroxide to lift stains of all severities. The best way to enjoy this treatment is through a reputable dental practice, who can perform it in a safe and professional manner.

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