Treating tooth loss with dental implants

dental implant

Most people want to enjoy good oral health and hygiene, as having healthy teeth is one of the things everybody desires from their body. However, there are times in life where the unforeseen happens and this can lead to an undesirable incident taking place that has a negative impact upon someone’s oral health, one such situation would be the loss of a tooth.

Tooth loss is often a sudden event that seems to take place outside of a person’s control, leaving a lasting impact upon the mouth of the person who has suffered the loss. Many who go through losing a tooth or teeth will go on to seek a way to replace them, in most cases, this will be achieved using a dental bridge or dentures, neither of which are permanent, fixed  solutions.

Dental implants, Richmond, could be the answer for those seeking a long-lasting solution to tooth loss, as they provide a permanent, hard wearing answer to replacing any lost teeth, that should last those fitted with them a lifetime.

Understanding that there is no need to live with tooth loss

Given modern dental technologies that are available within the health and dental markets of the UK, there is no need for anyone to live with tooth loss unless they choose to do so. Dental implants are a safe and secure option for treating tooth loss, that can be fitted into place with a relatively short procedure.

Once in place, the wearer will feel like the loss never occurred, as they can use these replacement teeth in the same way that they would use their natural teeth.

The causes of tooth loss

While it should be recognised that bad oral hygiene is one of the primary causes of tooth loss, it is by no means the only cause. However, there are still a large number of cases of tooth loss in the UK attributed to poor oral hygiene habits each year.

Other main causes of tooth loss are accidents or personal injuries, these are largely unavoidable and may happen suddenly, outside of a person’s control. Sports injuries, accidents in the home, and road accidents can all lead to sudden tooth loss.

Certain illnesses and medical treatment may also lead indirectly to tooth loss, as there may be a weakening of the bone material in the jawbone holding the teeth in place. This can be especially true of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Following treatment

dental implant

Following treatment, the patient may need to go through a period of readjustment, as they will need to come to terms with the fact where there once was a space there is now a new tooth or teeth. They should be able to begin eating any harder foods they had been avoiding again, as these implants can be used in the same way as their natural teeth.

If the patient experiences any pain in the weeks following treatment, they should contact their dentist straight away to have the issue addressed.

Making the change

This is a permanent solution for treating tooth loss, that may make all the difference to a patient’s life. Making the change is a simple choice and a call to the dentist should be all that is needed to get the process started.

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