What Is a Walk in Clinic?

The people over at the TODAY show introduced a walk-in clinic. A walk in clinic is a medical facility designed to treat patients on a first-come, first-served basis. Patients can be seen for any underlying symptoms by walking into the clinic without an appointment.

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When To Use a Walk-in Clinic?
A walk-in clinic can be used when you can’t get to your regular doctor quickly. These clinics are designed for patients to get treated that very day. They have all the same medical equipment that a regular doctor’s office has, except they don’t treat emergency room situations.

If you have a common cold or a sprain or are experiencing symptoms, you can get treatment quickly at a walk-in clinic. However, patients must pay out of pocket if their insurance isn’t accepted, so they must plan for this.

Why Do We Need More Walk-in Clinics?
Doctor’s offices are seeing more of a backup than ever, making it more challenging to see your PCP. If your primary physician is busy and can’t treat you, you can head to a walk-in clinic that same day and get your prescription or antibiotics. Quick treatment can help ease the burden of traditional doctor visits and help get patients healthier. Plus, it helps get patients the necessary care without waiting for symptoms to worsen and produce more risks.

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