Do you want to go Incognito in Weybridge?

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Have you been feeling fed up with your misaligned teeth? Do you feel like you’ll never go to the ball and smile for the camera when your teeth look the way they do? Well, fear not, Cinderella! You shall go to the ball! With Incognito braces, you can realign your teeth and nobody will know how you are doing it, unless you decide to tell them, of course – but who wants to spoil the magic?! Even more importantly, you don’t have to wait for a Fairy Godmother to come along and save you; all you have to do is visit your dentist to find out if you are eligible for treatment.

What is it?

This is a lingual bracket system that consists of brackets that are fixed to the backs of your teeth. This means that it is discreet and offers a more comfortable solution to realigning your teeth. Nobody will be able to see them because of their location in the mouth. They are also customised to fit your mouth. The custom-made archwires, brackets and bonding trays will result in the desired positioning of your teeth as determined by your dentist. They will also be able to show you 3D imaging of how your teeth will look after treatment is completed, before you even start wearing the braces!

Why should I opt for these?

dental bracesEverybody has to have an initial consultation before treatment can begin. This can involve x-rays of your mouth, as well as impressions and scans. If you are deemed to be eligible for this type of brace, you will then have braces made to measure your specific mouth. As the UK’s only 100% invisible fixed brace system, this is arguably the best treatment for someone who may lack confidence in wearing visible metal braces. Equally, the system also offers comfort and convenience due to the brackets being on the backs of the teeth. It is suitable for all ages and is certainly a great option for those looking to regain symmetry in their smile.

Anything else I need to know?

If you are keen to find out about realigning your teeth, you need to be aware of the timescales involved. Ideally, getting interventive treatment when you are a child between 12 and 13, when your mouth is still developing, is an effective time to get treatment. If you wait until you are an adult, it can be more difficult to change the position of your teeth and so treatment can take longer. However, modern treatments are using advanced technology that yields effective results, giving patients the confidence and pleasure of smiling freely in around 12 to 18 months, depending on your particular needs.

What next?

If you are considering getting your smile realigned, you do not need to hesitate. There are multiple options available to you and this is one of the most discreet and effective methods. Discussing your wishes with your dentist is the first step you need to take in finding the right treatment for you and many dentists offer free consultations to discuss all of the options available, so you can make a fully informed decision. You won’t even need a pumpkin, mice or Fairy Godmother, but feel free to smile and sing Bibbidi, bobbedi, boo, because you’ll feel like singing when you see the results you have achieved for yourself. Go for it! (And you can even stay out past midnight!)

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