Still Afraid of the Outdoors? Here are Practical Steps to Take

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The worldwide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt by everyone. The good news is that there are vaccines available these days. Many people have been vaccinated and many others are just waiting for their turn.

Unfortunately, the virus still looms around. There is still a large number who have not received the vaccine shots. Although most businesses are back to normal. There are now many places with lesser restrictions. Still, there are people reluctant to go out for their health and safety. 

Enjoy the Outdoors

Studies show that stepping out of your house has health benefits. It improves physical and mental health wellness. It restores mental energy and relieves stress. Improvement of brain sharpness and creativity also develops. And it improves issues on short-term memory and concentration.  

Physically, it produces better eye vision. It also reduces inflammation and has possible anti-cancer effects. You are able to do better physical exercises under the sun, as well as enjoy the benefits of vitamin D.  

The pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from going outdoors, but we still need to wear protective masks, wash our hands often, and sanitize regularly. We also need to do basic healthy habits. These are washing your hands and not touching parts of your face where viruses can enter.  

Staying indoors is good and can keep you away from virus carriers. But you can still go out as long as you have enough protection. After all, spending time outdoors has its own benefits.

As you are probably hesitant to go out, this article aims to provide basic outdoor activities. Coronavirus is known to spread from person to person. So going to places where many people flock will not be an option. We will give suggestions that you can have fun outdoors and still enjoy life virus-free.   Here are some suggestions you may want to consider:  

Start From Your Yard

This is something that you and your family can do together. You can call it a family project. An activity you can do together for days or weeks. This can serve as your bonding time together.   As you make your landscape project, having people over makes it more fun. It is always good to host small parties with people you know. For your safety, it is good to invite people who already completed their vaccines. Then serve snacks or dinner and have a good time with friends.  

If you don’t have a porch, a balcony or small stoop will do. Just open the doors and windows to welcome the cool outdoor breeze. Good food and good company result in good times and good memories. The happiness and laughter you share help the mind and the heart.  

Explore Your Town

There are many ways to do this. They all serve the purpose of enjoying much-needed time outdoors. You can choose your destination and go for a long walk. You can walk towards the lake, or walk around the park. This lets you enjoy the scenery and take a good breather.  

Studies show people who spend 40 minutes of outdoor walks decrease stress hormones. This is compared to people who also spend 40 minutes walking indoors. Either by a normal walking routine or by using machines such as treadmills. Another way is by lacing up your running shoes and hitting the outdoors running. Running is a healthier choice. Not only do you get the chance to go out. You also get a much-needed cardio workout all at the same time.  

Consider running during fewer rush hours, like early mornings or late evenings. These times can be helpful especially if you live in crowded towns or cities. And while you run, try exploring less-traveled routes. You will end up not only enjoying the outdoors and good exercise. But you also discover unseen beautiful parts of your own neighborhood.  

Visit Places That are Safe from Virus

You can get online updates from your local government about this. There are places that are already regarded as safe from viruses. Most of these are places not visited by crowds. And of course, you can visit medical facilities. Places where health protocols are strictly observed. You can visit your dentist, your trusted family doctor’s office, and your health and wellness adviser.   

That way you get to go out and enjoy the outdoors while keeping the virus at bay. For some, it is already back to normal. Some are just willing to take the risk. But this advice is for the few who want to go out but are still afraid of the virus. Remember that the virus is here to stay. This is something we need to learn to live with. You are encouraged to get the vaccines. But even without it, the outdoors is still a good place to enjoy. Be creative about it, and don’t forget to have fun.

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