How much do you know about Incognito?

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Have you always wanted to straighten your teeth, but are only familiar with the traditional metal braces that are offered by many dental practices? It is common knowledge that many adults avoid having orthodontic treatment to correct any dental issues they may have, as they are worried about how they may look throughout the treatment if they decide to opt for fixed appliances such as the visible traditional metal braces.

Well, due to the advancements in dental technologies, there are now modern and discreet orthodontic treatments offered by dentists such as Incognito Weybridge which aim to straighten your teeth comfortably and efficiently.

Dental options such as Incognito braces and Invisalign are now available for both adults and children who are looking at ways to correct teeth and improve their smile. So if you are hoping to get your smile beaming beautifully and are looking for discreet ways to straighten your teeth and improve your dental health, you may want to consider visiting a dental practice where experienced professionals will be able to offer orthodontic treatment options in the form of invisible braces for your dental issues, no matter how complex.

What you should know about Incognito

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Also referred to as hidden braces, Incognito are orthodontic appliances that are placed behind an individual’s teeth, meaning that they are completely hidden from view and others will be unaware that you are undergoing dental treatment to straighten your teeth. They work just as efficiently as traditional metal braces, and can be used to correct dental issues such as misaligned teeth, an over or underbite, crooked teeth or to close a gap.

Incognito braces like the traditional metal braces are also fixed, meaning that they remain on your teeth for the duration of the orthodontic treatment.

However if you are still looking for another teeth straightening treatment and are hoping for something more removable, you may want to consider Invisalign.

Have you considered Invisalign?

A revolutionary teeth straightening option, Invisalign uses advanced 3D technology to make clear aligners which are used to slowly move your teeth into the desired position. Not only are the aligners custom made to fit your teeth, they are also clear, which means they are hardly detectable when they are worn, plus, they are removable. The added bonus of these appliances not being fixed to your teeth means that you are able to maintain a good oral regime, as you are still able to floss as normal and brush your teeth after every meal.

Even though Invisalign is a removable appliance, you are required to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day to ensure maximum benefit. You will also be required to visit your orthodontist every four to six weeks for the duration of the treatment in order for them to provide you with new aligners, along with checking the progress of your teeth to ensure they are moving as they should.

Once you have completed the treatment, you will not only be given retainers for you to wear whilst you sleep, but retainers will be fixed at the back of your teeth to ensure that your teeth do not move out of place.

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