Quarantine Date Ideas

Romantic dinner

The spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent safety and security measures put in place have left the world at a standstill. Millions are stuck at home, feeling isolated and alone. This may well be the “dark times” of the generation, as some may claim it to be.

But amidst all this uncertainty, love can still prevail. It may sound sappy at best and unrealistic at worst, but this event has the power to bring everyone together. Lost friends are now reconnecting. Family ties have become stronger. And lovers are rekindling their romance. How, you ask?

Here are the best date ideas during this quarantine period.

Living Apart in Lockdown

If, like many, there are stay-at-home orders in your area, don’t fret. You can do more than just Skype calls.

  • Streaming Together – Watch a movie or binge a series at the same time with applications like Netflix Party. These kinds of apps give you the ability to stream a show together while having the ability to play and pause. There’s even usually a chatbox on the side where you can talk. Take it a step further and do this while you’re both having dinner in candlelight.

But even without those applications, you can still stream together. Just coordinate your timing, and you’re all set.

  • Online Games – Playing together may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic evening, but why not? You get to spend time together doing something fun — isn’t that the point? Also, many games, especially MMORPGs, offer their players the chance to have in-game relationships and even get married. Give it a shot, and it may be more enjoyable than you think.

Living Together in Lockdown

Being stuck at home with someone, even with the person you love, may get a little dicey over long periods. You should set aside time for fun and intimacy.

  • Cooking – You’re probably taking turns cooking your meals, but prepping a dish together can be an awesome way to spend quality time. Schedule an afternoon where you’ll both have to work on food together in the kitchen — the more complicated the recipe, the better. Try to prepare something you both haven’t done before. You can have a romantic dinner in the backyard after.
  • Karaoke – Everyone can sing if it’s karaoke. Set up your living room, dress up, and make your cocktails. Finally, turn on your karaoke machine and sing your hearts out. Oh, you don’t have one of those? That’s OK. YouTube has tons of songs you can choose from. Just make sure you don’t wake the neighbors.

No Lockdown

Romantic dinner

Some states, like Utah, don’t have stay-at-home orders. Although people are generally keeping safe, some establishments are still open for you and your SO.

  • Spa Day – Some spas and massage parlors are still open. You and your SO can enjoy getting pampered with a massage. Let the magic of relaxation melt your worries away. Or you can always book an appointment now and enjoy it after the quarantine.
  • Hiking – Exploring the beauties of nature is an experience best shared. Pick a trail without too many people (remember, social distancing) and walk with your SO. It doesn’t have to be too far from your home. Even nearby woods area can be fun. According to the American Hiking Society, spending even just 10 minutes outdoors during this pandemic can keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Just because you’re stuck at home and most establishments are closed doesn’t mean you can’t have dates with your SO. You only need to be creative and clever in creating these romantic moments.

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