What is a Patient Attraction System?

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There are a few main things that are important when you are looking to increase your website’s visibility and grow your practice. This can be managed in a 3-step patient attraction system, which can be a great help in focusing on attracting patients who are interested in the treatments you provide.

The three steps that this plan is based on are targeting, attracting and engaging. All of these things are vital when trying to attract new patients to your practice, and encourage them to choose you in the future.

Targeting a specific audience

This is a fundamental building block in attracting new patients. There are so many options on the internet for different services that you need to make your practice stand out. You can do this by targeting a more specific audience with your adverts. As opposed to just putting your adverts up on random places on the internet and hoping for the best, placing them on specific searches can increase the chances of someone actually clicking on them.

An example of this would be that if you were looking to boost your bookings for veneers, you would have your advertising set up to be placed on searches that people make for veneers in your local area. Therefore, it would be more targeted to people who are actually searching for that specific treatment, which means more chances of gaining new patients.


This second step is important in further attracting someone to your practice when they search for related topics. One of the main and most useful ways of doing this is by sending out emails or SMS to any potential leads to encourage them to join your practice. This part of the process is great in building a relationship between you and the potential new patient, whilst also being able to give them information about your practice.

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This part of the patient attraction system is one of the most important, as this is focused on engaging the potential lead once they have clicked your advertisement and are on your website. Ensuring that your website is inviting and informative is a big part of your online growth. When someone is looking for a dentist online, they want to see a tidy, professional web page that represents the practice. Whereas if you have an outdated, unattractive website, it can look unprofessional, discouraging someone from continuing to use the site.

Another useful thing that you can use for this is having a chat bar on your website. These will usually pop up in the corner of your web page when someone visits your site. If they need assistance finding a certain treatment or section of your website, they can use this. It is a more modern and innovative way of encouraging people to contact you for an appointment.

Google Ads

Having Google Ads for your practice’s website can be a big help within the patient attraction system. Google is the most used search engine in the world, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for new leads. These ads are very smart in the sense that they will filter through websites to choose the most relevant to someone’s search. For example, if a potential lead was searching for dental implants in your local area, and you had that as a keyword on your website, whilst also being in the same location, this could put your advert at the top of the page.

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